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Apr 16, 2013 12:00pm CDT
back in july of 2000 election. that is the biggest one the last occurred. we may get three or 4 in. of rain in parts of the metro area. when you take all of the rain, that is all of the rain combined over the next couple days. they do fire drills out and all here airport. look at the sunny skies above. a gorgeous day out there. there have been some heavy rains down state. just a sampling of what is to come. we had mid-60's yesterday. we are nowhere near that today. with a wind shift off of the lake and the passage of a cool front it will be chilly tomorrow. some models suggest we might jump into the '30's on thursday. that is the area of the storm that produces severe weather. we are on the lookout for possible severe weather. these are astounding numbers. 371 as the average. new set right in this corridor. >> here is the next 72 hours this is from the weather service model. we'll show you a lot of our in-house model. a seven-8 in. totals. we have convected feedback. it will come out with an outrageous number. the trend is what to look at. these are big numbers. falling into an air
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1